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Applied Energy Consulting is driven by an ambition for carbon neutral future by incorporating innovative, flexible and economical energy management for residential, commercial, institutional, healthcare and municipal infrastructure. 

We are a team of internationally recognized experts in energy auditing, energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy design and GHG mitigation. 

In addition, we are actively involved in cutting edge research in energy systems, carbon sequestration and net zero communities. 

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May 25 2022: How Building Envelope Optimization can Save you Energy, GHG Emissions and Cost

Building envelope (i.e., walls, roofs, floors, windows, and doors) can significantly impact space heating, cooling, humidity control, and air-conditioning. Depending on the weather, building envelope-related energy use can represent upwards of 60 percent of a building’s annual energy use. Therefore, accurate estimation of thermal energy transmission from the building envelope is essential to ensure the proper sizing of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment, lowering operational costs, mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and providing thermal comfort for the building occupants.

By doing your site energy auditing and modeling for envelope related upgrades, we can help you design your building to:

  • Reduce infiltration of unwanted outside air.

  • Choose optimal wall and roof insulation during the new construction or retrofit of your building.

  • Comply building envelope design with Alberta Building Code, National Energy Code for Building, and ASHRAE 90.1.

  • Avoid thermal bridges in your walls, windows, and roofs.

  • Optimizing windows selection using detailed energy simulation, quantifying the impact of glass, frame, assembly U value, shading coefficient, and heat gain.

  • Offer an integrated multidisciplinary process to maximize passive solar gain and sunlight to reduce interior lighting.

  • And doing envelope design accounting for all synergies with the mechanical, electrical, architectural, and site conditions.

Please consult Applied Energy Consulting to help you choose the right type and economic thickness of insulation, avoid thermal design pitfalls and help you reduce your building energy, carbon emissions, and operating costs. In addition, we can help you prepare federal and provincial grant and funding applications to finance your envelope upgrade journey.

Our experience in envelope energy optimization ranges from vintage and heritage buildings to #LEED, #BOMA, and #GreenGlobes certified buildings, including passive houses and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) analysis.

March 09 2022: AEC's collaboration with the Asian Productivity Organization

Applied Energy Consulting was fortunate to present and mediate a five day energy conference by the Asian Productivity Organization on “Responsible consumption to address energy challenges”. Ali Syed, Ph.D., P.Eng. spoke about #energy and #ghgemissions and how to comply with #iso50001 and #climatechange mandates. Let us know if you need any help in #energyefficiency #ghgemissions reduction and #netcarbonzero building design. The link to the conference is here: Responsible consumption to address energy challenges

Feb 2022: AEC has been Awarded a Book Contract on Urban Agriculture

Applied Energy Consulting is proud to announce that Dr. Ali Syed was awarded a contract by the Springer Nature to write a book titled: 

Urban Agriculture: Greenhouse Design and Energy Management for Food Security and Climate Change Resilience

Looking forward to publishing this seminal project. 


Dec 2021: AEC signed an MOU with the Clean Energy 4 Africa (CE4A)

Clean Energy 4 Africa (CE4A) is happy to announce a new partnership with Applied Energy Consulting (AEC), to jointly work on consultancy projects, research activities and publications, and energy capacity-building programs in Africa and globally. The partnership MOU was officially signed on December 16, 2021, by Dr. Mohamed Alhaj, Founder and Director of Clean Energy 4 Africa, and Dr. Syed, President of AEC, Canada. 

Applied Energy Consulting (www.appliedenergy.ca) is a Canadian energy consulting firm driven by an ambition for a carbon-neutral future by incorporating innovative, flexible, and economical energy management for residential, commercial, institutional, healthcare, and municipal infrastructure. AEC is a team of internationally recognized experts in energy auditing, energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy design, and GHG mitigation. In addition, AEC is actively involved in cutting-edge research in energy systems, carbon sequestration, and net-zero communities. 

As part of this agreement, both parties will collaborate in consultancy projects, research projects, and publications and cooperate in designing and delivering technical training programs.

In recognition of this partnership, Dr. Mohamed Alhaj, founder and director of CE4A, said: We are excited about this partnership with Applied Energy Consulting! I am confident that we can implement impactful projects to accelerate the sustainable energy transition in Africa.

Dr. Syed, President of AEC, said: “I am excited about this wonderful opportunity. There are a lot of synergies between the CE4A and Applied Energy Consulting, and we can offer more customized solutions to the energy management and climate change initiatives in both Africa and North America.”

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