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Energy Training

We offer training workshops to the industry professionals in engineering, climate change, energy auditing and energy management courses.

As a partner of the Canadian Institute of Energy Training (CIET), we offer training for Certified Energy Manager (CEM) courses. Please check our training schedule here.

We have recently won a Contract with the Asian Productivity Organization in Tokyo, Japan to develop and deliver courses on energy Management for their member Countries.

In addition, we have conducted courses for the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).

We will be excited to offer in-person or online teaching through running workshops for capacity building and training to your staff. Contact us today!

Financing Energy Conservation for SMEs

In this P-Talk session, Dr. Ali M. Syed elaborates on financial tools and mechanisms enterprises could utilize when undertaking energy conservation/energy productivity projects. Case studies and examples of approaches to overcome financial barriers show how to create win-win solutions for all stakeholders. 

Distributed Generation and the paris climate change agreement

Distributed energy generation plays a big role in achieving the sustainable development goals as per the Paris Climate Change Agreement. In order to meet the challenge of a sustainable mixed-use community, the community’s plan must address how to integrate and balance the energy demands of the occupants.

Training Course on Energy Audits and Management

A training course on Energy Audits and Management was organized by the APO and National Productivity Council, India, 20–24 December 2021, attended by 51 participants from 13 APO members. The virtual course was conducted by two local resource persons and two international ones from Canada and South Africa who delivered presentations on topics related to energy efficiency, conservation, and managemen.

Training on energy audit and management

Energy Efficiency and Management in Electrical Systems